Project Ideas for 2010

New for 2010 I have a couple of project ideas that I am hoping to make a start with.  This post is a simple record of what those might end up being:

  1. Properly configure home network
    1. Windows Home Server
    2. Team Foundation Server
    3. Virtual Machine network for work
    4. Media streaming network around the house
    5. Cloud computing
      1. Windows Live Mesh
      2. Apple Mobile Me
  2. Sort out online presence to remove my own hosting and use cloud tools.  These need some form of Home Page to bring them all together
    1. Align multiple photo sources
      1. Flikr
      2. iPhoto
      3. Lightroom
      4. Picasaweb
    2. Blogs
      1. SharePoint Studio
      2. MarkStokes
    3. Social Networking
      1. Twitter
      2. Google Buzz
      3. Facebook
  3. Repurpose some old laptops
    1. Touch screen Kitchen Media PC from an old 15″ HP laptop
    2. Touch screen Portable Media Player from an old 10″ Sony Vaio TX2XP
  4. Performance enhancements to MacBook Pro
    1. Make an SSD ExpressCard the boot device

I will create some blog posts over the coming weeks about these projects and my initial ideas.  I am expecting the to take some time to get going, but the thought process has started, now I am just getting into the procrastination stage of the projects.

Fixing VMWare Fusion when it fails to delete snapshot files

I had a situation recently where I wanted to delete about 10 Snapshot from a VMWare Fusion VM.

VMWare managed to delete the snapshots from the Snapshots manager window but also gave me the lovely error message:

Unable to clean up deleted files. There is not enough space on the file system for the selected operation

I could see in the Virtual Machine folder that all the snapshot files were still there and taking up all the disk space I was trying to reclaim.

The solution was to create a new snapshot in Snapshot manager and then to delete it.  This re-started the “Cleaning up deleted files…” process which duly went through and cleaned up the old snapshot files.