Access is denied. Check that the Default Content Access Account has access to this content

Configuring my first SharePoint 2010 server has thrown up some interesting issues.  I am trying to document them as I find and fix them.

The first issue is around the error message in the Title of this post:

Access is denied. Check that the Default Content Access Account has access to this content

1.) I was getting Access Denied on all the Local SharePoint Sites Content Source
2.) I tried to change the default content access account to farm admin account which didn’t make a difference.  If you do the same then remember to remove SharePoint Service account from having Full Read over web app. Refer to point 6.
3.) I then changed default content access account back to SPContentAccess and still got access denied on all URL in Local SharePoint Sites
4.) Next, to ensure the default content access account had read access to one of the web apps I addedSPContentAccess to the visitors group (read access) to one of the web apps which also didn’t make a difference
5.) After some googling at this point I came accross this MS Knowledge Base article (
I added the DisableLoopbackCheck key to the Registry, rebooted and tried a full crawl again and it worked!
6.) For good measure I ensured SPContentAccess had Full Read at web application level.
Your default content access account should be listed in Central Administration -> Manage Web Applications -> Choose a web application -> click User Policy.  On that screen verify that your content access account is listed with Full Read permissions.  Whatever, you do, do not change to a content access account that has administrator privileges.
This should be automatically set when you assign a Default Content Access Account

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