Configure SharePoint Search to crawl a portion of a website

I was just playing around over the weekend with a Content Source and Search Scope to index a few of my favourite SharePoint blogs and sites.

I set the start URLS to a few blog sites, but then when I added the following start URL in:

I got a bit of a shock. I had about 23,000 items indexed from that little beauty.  I realised very quickly that the Content Source was set to “Only crawl within the server of each start address” and that server is

So, so try and limit the result set to just the SharePoint secion I created 2 Crawl Rules to:


When I run a test of the crawl rule for I get told that the url will not be included in the index as it matches the exclusion rule and a test on the url will be included as it matches the inclusion rule.

After performing a Full Index I found out that, as hoped, I just got pages below the URL path.

Unfortunatelly, the pages I actually wanted were the technet library which doesn’t sit under this URL path, but that doesn’t change the fact that the above Crawl Rules work if you just want to index under a specific URL segment.

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Abortion After Effects

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Moving to the Cloud – Part 3 – SIP Telephone system

As part of my on-going series of moving as much of my IT / Life into the cloud I have spent the last few weeks trying to get a Cisco 7960 IP phone working with Sipgate.

Since I work at home I wanted a better solution for my many conference calls that I have each day.

I started off with Skype and a USB headset, but that doesn’t really work for me.  I tend to have VPN / Citrix sessions open at the same time as sharing with Live Meetings, etc so I often end up sounding like I am in an underwater tunnel, and doesn’t give a very professional experience to my clients.

I decided to purchase a Cisco IP Phone because, well, because they are pretty cool and I have used many in offices and just like them.

They are not initially designed to work with SIP providers, so the first task is upgrading the Firmware to the latest SIP version. I am not going to go into great detail on this process as it is already well documented here:

It took quite a bit of time getting my configuration files right, but once I did get my head around the settings, everything was looking good.  I could make calls out of my home network and the call quality was far better.

Unfortunately I consistently had a little “x” symbol on the line identifier on the screen indicating that the line wasn’t registered with Sipgate, even though I could make outgoing calls.  I soon realised that I was unable to receive incoming calls either.  Telnetting to the phone tells me that it is constantly sitting in a “REGISTERING” state.

A lot more playing around with settings, port forwarding on my BT Home Hub 2 router, disabling BT Broadband Talk, etc didn’t help at all… and after a few days I even lost the ability to make outgoing calls! Great.  Now I have a large grey doorstop… one that makes the CTU tone on demand though!!

I think I have finally tracked the problem down to the BT Home Hub 2 and the way it handles SIP connections.  Because they build in a SIP gateway for the Broadband Talk features it messes up the port forwarding.  As such I have just purchased a “Draytek Vigor 2710n” modem and router which offers much more configurable options and will even let me register multiple SIP gateways, so I can have multiple lines from different providers.

Once I have the new router in a few days, I will post a follow up to let everyone know if it is working or not.

[UPDATE: 24/08/2011: The new router has made almost all the problems go away. The phone now registers with sipgate and I can make calls out again. The only remaining issue is that when I receive calls, it looks like the other party can’t hear me speaking. Hopefully just a minor config issue.]

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Migrating between Office 365 Plans

A few weeks ago I moved my Email and website up to Office 365.

Unfortunately un doing so I made a bad decision.  I went for the small business plan (P1) as I am ​an individual user and not an enterprise.

Everything on that plan works just fine for me; Email, Team sites, etc but the one thing that REALLY doesn’t work well for me is the external Website feature.

Because I work with SharePoint, I wanted to get my site (this one you are reading) hosted on SharePoint 2010.  I used to host it off my own 2010 server sitting at home using my BizSpark license. 

However, I thought it would be prudent to use Office365 to take the burden off my home server and my internet connection and as part of my “Moving to the Cloud” series it made sense.

Unfortuantely I find the external website feature to be extremely limited.  I have worked around a number of issues, created subsites, made them (mostly) annonymous, etc but I am struggling to really get to grips with making any major edits to the site.  It is very locked down.  Enabling the Wiki Home Page Feature gave me some benefits over the horrible Web Pages library that you get by default, but I want to do more with my external website and using SharePoint Designer to customise master pages and individual pages is a bit of a must really.

So, where does that leave me?

Well, initially I was hoping I could “upgrade” my subscription from Plan P1 to Plan EjQuery15206756513833533973_1364030776751.  Nope.  You can’t do that!

So, I have to go through a FULL migration from one Office 365 Acocunt to another.  Joy!

I will try to document my experience here, but thing may go a bit haywire for a bit.

These things tend to take me some time to get around to, so please bear with me if the site goes AWOL for a couple of weeks!

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A little information on DocumentIDs

Ok.. I just had a play with 2 Site Collections in the same web app.


I set both to have the Document ID Prefix: “TEST

I Uploaded a file to a Document Library in the root web of each site Collection.  Both got a “friendly” Document ID: “TEST-1-1

The URL associated with these Document IDs are under the Site Name:

So DocumentIDs are completely contained within the Site Collection, however, you can link to another document by it’s ID by putting in the correct full URL.

This doesn’t help so much then when teams have multiple site collections and want to track documents across those site collections, but useful when all teams sites and subsites are in the same site collection.

For completeness I created a sub site to the Site2 Site Collection:

Then I uploaded a new file to the document library and it was given the ID “TEST-3-1

The URL to this document is:

This URL also works (lack of SubSite in URL):

This URL does not work (because DocumentID feature is not enabled):

Enabling the “DocumentID Service” Feature on the “http://teamsites” Site collection and retrying the URL “http://teamsites/_layouts/DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=TEST-3-1” give the error message “No documents with the ID TEST-3-1 were found in this site collection.​”

Hope this helps​

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Abortion Pill For Early Pregnancy

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