SUGUK North West: Real World Special – 22nd November

Welcome everybody to the last SUGUK North West Meeting of 2011. 

This one is going to be very special. We have arranged for 6 REAL WORLD SharePoint users to come in and give their experiences of SharePoint in their respective workplaces, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session with those users and other industry experts. 

This is your opportunity to cut through the hype and realise how companies are REALLY using SharePoint, how they are using it to drive business productivity and also some of the pains they have been through to get there and how you can avoid them in your own company. 

This meeting will be back in the Palace Hotel, Manchester again. 

We have some speakers coming from some truly great companies including: 

– Bentley Motors 
– Kelloggs 
– Unilever 
– John West (MW Brands) 
– TSG 
– Little Harrowden Primary School 

This is definitely one NOT to be missed. As usual we will meet at 6pm, and finish at 9pm where there will be an opportunity for socialising / networking over a SharePint. 

Make sure register your place(s) on the SUGUK site ( This is important as it lets me arrange the correct number of seats and pizzas!

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Mark Stokes

I am a SharePoint Server MVP and the founding Director of Red Plane, a Microsoft Silver Partner in the North West of the UK. I am interested in Travel, Extreme Sports, Photography, Technology, Gadgets, Raspberry Pi and, of course, SharePoint! Note: This is my personal blog and entries may not represent the views of my employer.

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