SUGUK North West – February 2012

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to the February meeting in Manchester.

We have acquired a new home which has secured the next tranche of meetings, so thank you to Outsourcery for kindly offering the use your your swish new offices in Manchester Spinningfields for free… and also for getting in the pizzas!

We had a fantastic turnout again, with over 50 people in the room, we were left with Standing Room only.

Two great sessions​ made up the night from Mark Macrae (@m_macrae) and Seb Matthews (@sebmatthews).

Mark took us on a journey through a typical BI Project and Seb was talking about BIG data.  And when we say big, we mean BIG!

You can find Marks slides linked from his blog:

I very much look forward to the next meeting and please drop me a line with details of sessions and topics you would like to have covered.

Here are some pictures:

New Home New Home Mark Stokes - Opening
Mark Stokes - Opening Mark Macrae - A typical BI project Mark Macrae - A typical BI Project
Mark Macrae - A typical BI project Mark Macrae - A typical BI project Seb Matthews - BIG data
Seb Matthews - BIG data Seb Matthews - BIG data

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