Part 1: A network in the Sky – The dream

Part 1: A network in the Sky – The dream
Part 2: A network in the Sky – Coming soon

This ​series of posts is aimed at looking at the posibilities, pro’s, con’s and costs of running your entire network (or small portions of it) in the cloud.

There is a lot of talk about moving to The Cloud around at the moment, but just how far can we push it?

At the moment I have a whapping big HyperV server that runs under my desk with dual Xenon processors, 76GB RAM and a couple of Terabytes worth of storage on a RAID disk.  Pretty hefty stuff, then they it does have to run the following VMs:


  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), DHCP Server, DNS Server
  • ForeFront TMG
  • SQL Server (yes, it’s virtual!)
  • SharePoint 2010 Dev Farm (s)
  • SharePoint 2010 Shared Services Farm
  • SharePoint 2010 Demo Farm
  • SharePoint 2013 Demo Farm
  • SharePoint 2013 Dev Farm
  • Active Directory Federation Serices 2.0 (ADFS2.0)
  • Network Services: TFTP, DirSync, etc
  • Retired TFS Server (which is now on
As you can see, it’s quite weight to put onto the machines shoulders.  Fortunately for me and my small development team it works like a dream, but it’s pretty noisy, I can’t log into Office 365 when my internet connection is down, etc and I am looking for a better way.
The ultimate aim is to move as much off-site as possible into Windows Azure and keep my house nice and light-weight, save some electricity costs (or move those costs to Cloud costs) drop the noise and be a lot more accessible than I currently am.
I don’t forsee everything going into The Cloud just yet, I may maintain an on-premise AD, DNS server and I will need my ForeFront TMG server for a while.  I also think that moving my SharePoint Farms and SQL Server into Azure will just be far too expensive to run compared to the office-based server, but we can explore that later on in the series.

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