Speaking at the SharePoint Evolution Conference – 2015

Whats happening?

I am really excited to have been asked back to present at the most excellent SharePoint Evolution Conference in London this year (April 20th – 22nd).

Why should I attend?

If you have not yet attended one of these conferences and you work with SharePoint in any way then you have to come along.  Honestly, it is the best, most cost-effective SharePoint training you will get anywhere.  The calibre of speakers is second to none and its honest.  Whilst Microsoft’s conferences are great, they are delivered by Microsoft and everything is amazing.  We tell you the truth, we tell you what is amazing and what might take a bit more thinking about than Technet suggests.

Best of all, you get ALL the sessions on a DVD box-set after the event (these are not sold commercially ANYWHERE… you have to be there to get it) so you are free to network or check out sessions that you wouldn’t normally attend and then catch up on the rest afterwards.


What sessions are there?

The agenda has recently been released so you can see what sessions are planned.  They are split over multiple “tracks” so depending on your role you can find the sessions that are right for you, or you can expand your horizons and pick the ones that aren’t in your comfort zone.  They are: IT Pro, Developer, Business, Information Worker, Azure and Office 365.

It’s not all work

This conference is also known for it’s social activity, so it is not all play.  Steve Smith and the whole team at Combined Knowlegde put a LOT of effort into making sure you have a lot of fun!

If you can only convince your managers to let you go on one fun outing this year, make sure it is this one!!!

My Sessions

This year I have 2 sessions:

The Future of Communication and Collaboration in Business
Delivered by: Mark Stokes & Ben Robb
Audience: Business, Information Worker, Office 365, Architect

We are in the midst of a revolutionary change in personal communication. Gone are the days of Email, phones and face-to-face interactions and the new kids on the block are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  However these “social” technologies are slow to make their impact in the workplace, but that is starting to change. In this session we look at the future of communication and what Microsoft is bringing to the table with tools like Delve, Groups and Yammer.  Is your business ready to attain and retain the next generation of workers, managers and business owners who are growing up with these technologies, or are you a fossil-in-waiting?


Using and Managing Apps in your SharePoint Environment
Delivered by: Mark Stokes
Audience: Information Worker, On Premises, Office 365

In this session you will learn all about Apps and how to add them and manage them in your SharePoint On Prem and Office 365 environment. You will learn why Apps are a big advantage to Site Collection Administrators and Power Users for adding new functionality to Sites without needing to get Server Administrators involved.


I cant wait for this conference and I hope to see you all there bright and early on the Monday morning.