The future of Collaboration with SharePoint and Office 365


Microsoft has started to release a few tidbits of information around the longer term strategy for SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365.  The main announcements regarding SharePoint vNext (2015, 2016, who knows?) will be put forward at the forthcoming Microsoft Ignite Conference, May 4-8, Chicago, IL.  Unfortunately I am unable to make this conference due to other commitments, but I am hoping that sessions will be made available shortly after on Channel 9.  Until then we are “speculating” on what will be included based on Microsofts marketing teasers 🙂

However, Microsoft has just released this blog post to start giving us some insight into their longer term strategy with SharePoint on-premises and Office 365.


When i read through the blog post the term that comes out at me the most is definitely Experiences.  It is mentioned more times that I can count and I think it is an important term.