MVP Renewal

April 1st. It’s that day when I sit and watch my inbox wondering if “The Email” will come again this year.

Thankfully, for the third year in a row it has, and I am, again, a part of the Microsoft MVP club in the Office Servers and Services category. It really is a privilege to be part of this group of people who are truly inspiring, and completely honest, about a technology we all love, and some times love to hate. 

And that is the best part of it. Being an MVP doesn’t mean we just drink the koolaide and act as an extension of Microsoft’s extensive marketing arm. What I have learned over the last two years is how vocal the MVP community is. 

We tell Microsoft what we like and we tell them what we don’t like. Sometimes it’s hard and frustrating (on both sides I am sure) but it can only make the mothership stronger. As long as they keep listening to our views and experiences with real-live customers they will get stronger and stronger. I have never known such a fast changing landscape and it is getting harder and harder to keep on top of all the changes and provide an “expert opinion”. There are a great many people in our community both MVPs and non-MVPs and I would like to celebrate us all. Being an MVP makes our voices no more relevant than the hundreds of non-MVP experts out there and the entire community deserves recognition today. I enjoy nothing more than than the open forums at my own user group and learning from everyone who attends.
It has been one busy year for me with managing a small business, a pregnant wife and, since November, a new born baby. I am very much looking forward to the next 12 months and I have a lot of plans for the SharePoint User Group UK and am really excited about what SharePoint 2016 and hybrid will bring to my customers.

Here’s to a brilliant 2016/2017 and thanks to the entire Office community.