Question Regarding Managed Accounts and Multi-Farm deployments

I am just about to upgrade my development sandbox to represent a multi-farm environment (Shared Services, Intranet, Collab, Extranet) and came up with an interesting question regarding ‚Äčthe AD service accounts.

Am I going to need seperate service accounts for each farm or can I reuse them (this is only a devrig after all)?

My main areas of concerns and where I think I need seperate accounts per farm are from a Managed Account point of view.

If I re-used those accounts then will they get really messed up when one of the farms is set to manage the account and change the password? I am assuming that wouldn’t be reflected in the other farms and I’ll end up with failing services and locked out accounts, or is it smart enough to pass those changes around the farms?

I guess I could re-use the farm account as that isn’t typicall set to have it’s password changed, but the others would.

Any background info would be greatly received.

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