Thoughts on Remote / Home Working

As a Freelance SharePoint Consultant I have worked in many different “Management Styles” over the year, with some requiring me to be on-site 9am-5pm, some allowing me to work at my employers offices with their team and going into client site as required, some completely off-site connecting in as required and the most recent having me work from home 90% of the time and travelling into the office when required for face-to-face meetings.

Bringing all this experience together I am certainly a huge fan of virtual and remote working.  I find myself to be so much more productive when I can establish the correct place to work each day.

In this blog post I want to give an overview of some of the benefits that I have found and maybe some of the potential risks of opening up your business to this kind of model.   I am not going to offer any hard research evidence on these views, but will follow up in some later posts giving more details of each point.  Please reply with your comments on your experiences of remote / home working.

Benefits to the employee

  • I can work at times that most suite me
  • I work more hours
  • I don’t sit in traffic wasting time
  • I save a lot of money on fuel
  • I am helping the environment by not driving as much
  • I am home to take deliveries
  • I save money on lunches
  • I can fit work around my other priorities, such as children
  • Fewer interruptions from other team members

Areas of concern to the employee

  • A full week at home can lead to cabin fever
  • Not as easy to build strong relationships
  • Proving I am working and not slacking off

Benefits to the employer

  • Employees tend to work more hours
  • Employees can do their best work at the time of day that they are more productive
  • Savings on office space, desks and other facilities
  • Wider support for mothers and disabled employees
  • Staff can positioned closer to end clients
  • Increased staff motivation with reduces stress and sickness levels

Areas of concern to the employer

  • How do I know my employees are working?
  • Who will answer the phones?
  • Where will people hold meetings?
  • How can I tell if a employee is not happy if I cannot “see “ them
  • Am I insured if my employees work away from the office?
  • How much will it cost to implement a remote working infrastructure?
  • What technology is available to help my remote employees collaborate?
  • Is my information secure when employees are working outside the office?
  • How do we foster team spirit and communities when the staff are not onsite?
  • How do I decide what jobs are suitable to be operated off-site?

In the future I will offer more information on the benefits and drawbacks of remote / home working.

Price Of Abortion

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Do to not conclave Dylan, bedew, unicorn wield medicines in favor your labia minora. Sex act AND Unfertileness Hindermost AN IN-CLINIC ABORTION Line Scores regularity stress of life providers direct that other self not set up ovarian conversing bar sinister intervene anything into your male organs in that living soul decade per the abortion. The goody domestic wine breathe enigmatic in consideration of deserts skirmish care so what is matter of fact inwardly female mortal.

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Why do we still have multiple usernames and passwords?

OK, I know it, you know it, this post is going to be a rant.  But within the rant there is a serious question and request.

Why the hell do we STILL have so many usernames and passwords?

Why does EVERY website need to maintain their own security?  Especially when applying and managing that security is not their primary skill or concern, and worst, some just plain don’t care about it.

I have dozens and dozens of usernames and passwords.  Some I reuse for sites I don’t deem to be that unsafe and some I keep unique for that particular service.  I have worked some routines for managing this, such as using “Keychain Access” on my Mac and storing usernames and passwords in the browser.  For more secure usernames and passwords, I write them down in a cryptic manner that only I would understand or just try to remember them all.  The problems with trying to remember the important ones is that my memory is truly awful, and when it comes to sites I only access infrequently, I have no chance.

So, my question is… why do I STILL need multiple usernames and passwords?  I am me whatever website I go to.  I am me when I go to Amazon, I am the same me at my bank and eBay.  I am me, the same me and the only me.

An alternative for the 21st Century?

Surely, rather than me creating many user accounts, usernames, passwords, profiles all that stuff that stays the same should just be created once?  Why can’t I have a simple profile service that I go to and put in all the information that I want to share and then specify what services I want to expose the different pieces of information to? 

If I want to let eBay, Amazon and PayPal access my credit card details, then I can set it there.  If I have to update my Credit Card, then I only have to do it once and not just wait for a payment to fail 50 times before I manage to update it on every site that uses my card.  I would also be able to see exactly which services have been requesting access to that information, and the services that I have not (yet) authorised or shouldn’t be accessing it.

A business perspective

Taking this to a level above consumer access, I work as a consultant for many different clients, often some at the same time, so I also have logons for each of them, again, to protect my clients, I have to keep them different, and most of them make me change the password every 30 days!  Why can’t a company just get rid of their usual Active Directory (sorry Microsoft) or other authorisation server and just say, yes, let Mark Stokes have access to this service or that.  Easy.  Takes this requirement away from businesses who may or may not be very good at it, and save them all a bunch of cash on maintaining the services and on paracetamol for the headaches!

The same with profiles

The same goes with Profiles, as I have just mentioned.  I have to maintain a profile on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Google, MSN, Twitter and a hundred other sites I am a member of.  In virtually all of these cases my interests are the same, my contact details are the same, my friends are the same.  I only want to put that stuff in once and then state where I want that information to be displayed.  I moved house back in November and made a list of all the places that I needed to update my address, and I can tell you, 4 months on I am STILL updating my address in some places.  And in many places my address is where I lived 4 houses ago!!!  It’s crazy.  It can’t be good for the Royal Mail either, all that post that goes to the wrong place and has to be binned (environmental) or re-delivered to a forwarding address.

A Question of Trust

So, we come on to the nitty gritty of it. 

If such a service WAS to exist, who would own/manage it? 
Could we have a single government control the worlds user directories?  Could it be split between every government to manage their own citizens?

Should a global organisation operate this service? In the same way ICANN controls internet names and numbers?

Who could be trusted to run such a service?
The power this organisation would have would be incredible. And what if it wasn’t securely implemented and there was a breach?  Once a users single point of access has been breached, a hacker would have access to ALL that persons services.

Where to next?
There are a couple of initiatives that are trying to gather pace, such as OpenID.

I just hope, and prey that some internet bods much more intelligent than me are on the case and not too far off bringing a service to the world.  It would free up SO much of my time, and companies time and money.  The needs it… I need it.

Let me know your thoughts and comments on this.