International SharePoint Conference Writeup

I wanted to drop a quick note down to say how great the recent International SharePoint Conference has been.

Once again, organised by Steve Smith (@SteveSmithCK) and Zoe Watson (@ZoeWatsonCK), with the help of many others I am sure, from Combined knowledge, the event went without a single hickup and contained many fantastic sessions.  The quality of the speakers and sessions just gets better and better every year.  Once again we are asking the question “How can we better it next year?” If I know Steve, he’ll find a way!

Even the quality of the conference bag that are a free give away are the best quality I have ever had.  The number of cheap rucksacks I have sitting at home is huge, but these Swiss branded bags are the quality I would (and have) bought myself!

The International SharePoint Conference is a superb opportunity to link up with other influential SharePoint people from all around the world, with a large speaker continget from the UK and overseas (America, New Zealand, Holland amongst) the differing views are a true compliment to the multitude of ways the product can be used to solve business requirements.

Which neatly brings me on to the new Business Track.  I think this went down very very well and I attended a number of the sessions.  Over three days this track followed a fictitional company FIZZ Oil through the complete project lifecycle from asking “Why do we need SharePoint” all the way through requirements, build, Governance to the Project Launch Party.  They even had bottles of Champagne at the end to celebrate the launch within the company!  Well done to Andrew Woodward (@AndrewWoody) for organising that many characters into a comprehensive and coherent series of sessions.

As usual, the Developer, IT Pro and Information Worker tracks were world class. And the Case Study track gave a really great view on the Real World aspects of SharePoint from the ground. There are far too many speakers to mention them all here, but rest assured, every one of the presenters stepped up to the challenge and spent a lot of time ensuring their content was spot on, relevant and full of information that the delegates can actually take back into their own companies and make a difference.

One of the concerns I have as an organiser of the SharePoint User Group is that a lot of the content just cannot be presented in a detailed enough way in 1 hour sessions.  So Steve has very wisely recognised this and a number of the sessions in this Conference were spread over 2, 3 even 4 sessions to show the true depth these topics require.  Some of these even crossed track and speaker boudaries to show projects being handled, for example, by the Information Worker guys and girls to do the branding, then on to the Dev Track to be integrated into a Web Template, etc. 

There was a pretty hardcore SharePoint Environment set up, that would rival a lot of companies Production SharePoint Farms, available for the presenters to use for their demos.  I was even told that the search server was tuned so well (too well) that some demos didn’t work because the indexing couldn’t be made to go slow enough to show what was happening under the hood!!  That’s what happens when you get people of that top calibre together to build your demo environment.

As for my session “Using Informationm Architecture to Liberate Your Content” I was very happy with how it went.  I got a good discussion going in the room based on my ideas, hints, tips and experiences which is always good.  I manage to learn new things myself, even as a presenter!  If you were in the session, or see it on the DVD, I would love your feedback and suggestions of what you found useful and how you think I can improve in the future to ensure I get the best message across.


There is always a small (ahem) social side to the Conference and this year didn’t dissapoint.  SharePint on the Monday night, sponsored by Lightning Tools, is a good attempt to see how many geeks you can squeeze into a single pub and one way to get to know the delgates and speakers a little bit more. The Conference Party was held in the very swanky Cafe De Paris club on Leicester Square with the using stilt walkers, dancing girls and bands.  The drinks might have been a little on the expensive side, but hey, your in Leicester Square!  I caught up with some older friends and made some great new friends whom I hope will become older friends in the coming years which is always nice… and messy!  It was great to see so many people who come to my North West SharePoint User Group making an appearance and showing the South that there is something North of the Watford Gap!

So, with the dates for next year already set: April 15-17th 2013 ( you should get in early and book your tickets as soon as you can to avoid missing out.  I know it sounds like I am giving us all a big slap on the back, but I truly think it actually went that well!  If you missed it, please go next year. 

It’s work every single penny and you won’t be dissapointed.

Tweet me @MarkStokes to share your experiences of the conference, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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SUGUK Manchester April 3rd – Usability and Adoption – Ask the Experts

We will be back at Outsourcery in Spinnignfields, Manchester on Tuesday April 3rd with what I am hoping will be a blinder of a session. 

1 The Avenue 
M3 3AP 

Steve Smith – SharePoint Usability and Adoption – The conversations that needs to happen 
In this session I am going to discuss many of the areas that a business needs to think about and address when designing SharePoint for the short and Long term. After talking about SharePoint adoption and usability since 2003 it is interesting to discover how different organisations and business have approached this over the years and succeeded or failed. 

Ask The Experts 
I am assembling a panel of some of the foremost SharePoint experts in the country. If you read ShearePoint Blogs, you’ll know these guys and girls. This is one of my favourite type of session becuase you get to ask them anything you want (as long as it is loosely related to SharePoint!) 

Agenda will be the same as usual: 

18:00 Arrive 
18:30 First Session 
19:30 Break and refreshments 
20:00 Second Session 
21:00 SharePint 

Please register on the User ​Group Website:

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SUGUK North West – February 2012

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to the February meeting in Manchester.

We have acquired a new home which has secured the next tranche of meetings, so thank you to Outsourcery for kindly offering the use your your swish new offices in Manchester Spinningfields for free… and also for getting in the pizzas!

We had a fantastic turnout again, with over 50 people in the room, we were left with Standing Room only.

Two great sessions​ made up the night from Mark Macrae (@m_macrae) and Seb Matthews (@sebmatthews).

Mark took us on a journey through a typical BI Project and Seb was talking about BIG data.  And when we say big, we mean BIG!

You can find Marks slides linked from his blog:

I very much look forward to the next meeting and please drop me a line with details of sessions and topics you would like to have covered.

Here are some pictures:

New Home New Home Mark Stokes - Opening
Mark Stokes - Opening Mark Macrae - A typical BI project Mark Macrae - A typical BI Project
Mark Macrae - A typical BI project Mark Macrae - A typical BI project Seb Matthews - BIG data
Seb Matthews - BIG data Seb Matthews - BIG data

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SUGUK North West: Real World Special – 22nd November

Welcome everybody to the last SUGUK North West Meeting of 2011. 

This one is going to be very special. We have arranged for 6 REAL WORLD SharePoint users to come in and give their experiences of SharePoint in their respective workplaces, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session with those users and other industry experts. 

This is your opportunity to cut through the hype and realise how companies are REALLY using SharePoint, how they are using it to drive business productivity and also some of the pains they have been through to get there and how you can avoid them in your own company. 

This meeting will be back in the Palace Hotel, Manchester again. 

We have some speakers coming from some truly great companies including: 

– Bentley Motors 
– Kelloggs 
– Unilever 
– John West (MW Brands) 
– TSG 
– Little Harrowden Primary School 

This is definitely one NOT to be missed. As usual we will meet at 6pm, and finish at 9pm where there will be an opportunity for socialising / networking over a SharePint. 

Make sure register your place(s) on the SUGUK site ( This is important as it lets me arrange the correct number of seats and pizzas!

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SharePoint Best Practices Conference ’11

Thank you to everybody who came to Stuart and my session on “How we implemented Governance at Kelloggs”
We both felt the session went very well and I have had great feedback both on twitter and from people talking more about Governance with me after the session.
I will add a link to our slide deck to this post. Some slides may need to be altered slightly for commercial reasons, but all the useful information is still there. (the slides will be available soon)
Overall, I had an amazing conference.  After last years chaos (behind the scenes) dealing with the Ash Cloud, it was great to catch up with all the speakers.  The calibre of each and every speaker is second to none and I think Steve Smith has really set the bar for all other conferences (SharePoint and in general) to match.  His mix of technical content and entertainment struck the perfect balance in my eyes.
3 things really caught my attention throughout the conference:
1) The shift in focus from a delegates point of view from deep tech sessions to the community tracks!
I know a lot of people could not even get into the room for our session, so sorry if you missed out.  If there is interest then I’ll try to arrange for Stuart and I to repeat the session at my User Group meetings in Manchester ( or others if we can arrange to travel.
2) People working with SharePoint still don’t know about the SharePoint User Group over here in the UK
When I asked, in my session, how many people were aware of the user group only a few hands went up! Astonishing.  If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about then head over to and find the one in your area. Mine is Manchester but we are all over; North East, Scotland, East Anglia, Midlands, London, South West.
It is completely free to join and attend, we are not sponsored or run by any commercial interest (we aren’t even set up to handle money) but we all arrange the meetings every couple of month out of our own pockets and time and you will get a lot of the same speakers (well, the UK ones mainly) that you saw at the conference including heavy weights including Spencer Harbar, Neil Hodgkinson, Chris O’Brien, Penny Coventry, Andrew Woodward to name just a few.
3) How many people are not on Twitter!
This is astonishing as well.  I have a listing of hundreds of the worlds top SharePoint experts (and I am missing quite a few as well!) and when working in such a fast moving technology such as SharePoint you NEED to be following their blogs and twitter posts to keep ahead of the game. 
Various pop quizzes in the sessions highlighted about 30-50% of people were actively using twitter.  You need to be following the experts to keep up with Best Practices, hints, tips, guidance and general SharePoint “stuff”
Don’t forget to check out Matt Groves blog for all the official photos from the conference. ( and the official conference video (
Finally, I want to thank Steve Smith (@SteveSmithCK) for putting on a superb conference, Zoe for all her efforts in making the arrangements, all the speakers who attended and game their time up for the good of the community (you know they don’t get paid for speaking, right?) and lastly to all the delegates who pay good, hard earned money to come and see us present.  I hope each and every one of you got your money’s worth and came away with a lot of useful information that you can take to your own deployments and drive even more value out of, quite simply, some of the most powerful business software I have ever had the privilege to be involved with.
Please please send me any feedback on my session, relating to user group sessions, or just say “Hi”.  You can reply to this post, tweet me @MarkStokes or email me 

SUGUK North West Meeting – 15th February – Manchester

I am very happy to announce our February 15th meeting in Manchester, the first of 2011. 

If you have any problems registering on the site please email me on and I will approve your account. 
 As always, we have 2 great sessions lined up with Brett Lonsdale (@BrettLonsdale) and Antony Clay (@Soulsailor) and there will be refreshments between the presentations. 
We are moving over the road this month to the Palace Hotel since the Cornerhouse is running an event Mons-Thurs every week until mid-March and I didn’t want to keep you all waiting that long!
The Palace Hotel
Oxford Street
M60 7HA
Please arrive at 6pm and we will finish at 9pm when we can head over the road to the Cornerhouse to finish with a SharePint. 
You do need to sign up to let me know you are coming. This is important as it lets me know how many chairs to put out and more importantly how many bacon sandwiches to order!! 
Session 1: Brett Lonsdale – BCS – Brett Lonsdale has specialised in the Business Data Catalog since its introduction and has authored the book ‘Developers Guide to the Business Data Catalog for SharePoint 2007’. Brett has also worked very closely with Business Connectivity Services since the early beta of SharePoint 2010. This session will provide you with a good introduction to each of the services within BCS including the new features such as External Lists and a guide to connecting to your External Systems using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010 Professional. 
Session 2: Antony Clay – SharePoint Business Value – A Method behind the madness! In this session I will explain how in the current economic climate we need to focus more on delivering business value and less on the technology. I will guide you through a 6 step approach that will make you view delivering SharePoint projects in a whole different light and from a fresh new perspective that will help you delight your customers.